About Di Pietro Partners

Di Pietro Partners is a boutique Florida-based, AV Preeminent® rated law firm focused on representing clients with unique legal issues. Established by David Di Pietro in 2005, this firm is dedicated to providing the best possible representation for a wide variety of clients. This primarily includes working with physicians and business owners with the legal aspects of their practices as well as individuals who were injured by wrongful medical procedures and complications.

David is an established and respected trial attorney who commonly makes national TV appearances as a legal consultant for various news networks. The legal team at Di Pietro Partners consists of hand-picked attorneys that were selected due to their exceptional legal background and top performance within their individual practice areas. The variety and experience of our staff allows us to specialize in several different legal practice areas and take on high profile cases.

Personalized Attention

Our firm is able to offer uniquely personalized services to our clients, thanks to our dedicated attorneys who are experts in multiple areas of law. We possess the depth, skill, and experience to represent both large and small companies and are dedicated to offering best in class representation in several areas of law, and above all, forming what is always most important – trust.

There are plenty of lawyers in town, but just a few who you’d want by your side when you truly need legal representation. This is especially true when legal issues get complicated and stressful. With Di Pietro Partners, you have a partner, ally, and an advocate who can turn complex issues into simple solutions.

We have the experience to understand that legal proceedings can drain clients emotionally, financially, and physically. That’s why attorney David Di Pietro has built a law practice on personal service and aggressive representation. We ensure your legal issues are handled in the most professional and effective manner possible to ensure the best results.

Our Attorneys

The award-winning expert attorneys at Di Pietro Partners have decades of combined experience successfully arguing complex cases in courtrooms all across the State of Florida.

Our Reviews Speak Volumes

  • This Law Firm recently handled a case for my husband and they did a fantastic job. Rudy Mayor and the rest of his team really raised the bar. They explain... read more

    stephanie lynn Avatar stephanie lynn
    October 2, 2023
  • Their website says “WERE ON YOUR SIDE” and they claim to be “UNIQUE” and you will have a “PARTNER, ALLY and an ADVOCATE” you can turn too……..SUPRISE---THAT IS 100% TRUE!!!!! My... read more

    John Stanton Avatar John Stanton
    September 30, 2023
  • David and his team are amazing. From the receptionist to the paralegals to David himself, I felt as if my legal issues were handled timely and David set expectations and... read more

    Heather Sizemore Avatar Heather Sizemore
    May 9, 2023
  • After spending week after week searching for an attorney to help me settle my moms estate and either being ignored or passed on repeatedly to another attorney, I found Rudy!... read more

    Angela Brown (Angela) Avatar Angela Brown (Angela)
    December 23, 2022
  • If you or anyone you know is in need of a top of the line probate attorney firm, Di Pietro Partners is definitely the one to go to. They have... read more

    Alina Trelles Avatar Alina Trelles
    September 6, 2022
  • Excellent professionals. Great work team!!!

    Sonia Victoria Martell Avatar Sonia Victoria Martell
    August 29, 2022
  • The DiPietro law partners are of the utmost in professionalism, intelligence, and they always get back to you right away with any questions or concerns. I would recommend this law... read more

    Terri Wright Avatar Terri Wright
    August 29, 2022
  • The firm has always been responsive to my needs. Their attention to detail and thorough explanations make you feel at ease. When you need someone in your court, DiPietro Partners... read more

    Andrew Ruiz Avatar Andrew Ruiz
    August 28, 2022
  • I had a a wonderful experience with Di Pietro Partners!!! Rudy Mayor was so professional and knowledgeable!!! Would highly recommend them!!!

    Xochil Hernandez Avatar Xochil Hernandez
    January 7, 2022
  • After speaking to the attorney I found him to be very professional. This case is extremely personal to me and I overreacted. Thank you Attorney Mayor

    Cinda Guthrie Avatar Cinda Guthrie
    January 7, 2022

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Who founded Di Pietro Partners, PLLC?

    In 2005, attorney David Di Pietro founded Di Pietro Partners, PLLC in order to provide exclusive and specifically tailored law services to both medical professionals and those who have suffered as the result of medical errors and malpractice.

  • How Many Employees Work at Di Pietro Partners, PLLC?

    Our firm currently employs six attorneys, a medical advisor, and support staff, totaling 11 full time employees in order to serve our current and future clients.

  • What Makes Di Pietro Partners, PLLC different from other law firms?

    One of the biggest differences between Di Pietro Partners and other law firms is the personalized service given to each and every one of our clients. Unlike most other law offices, our clients actually interface directly with the attorneys working on their case, increasing both transparency as well as ensuring that our services are as specifically tailored as possible.

  • Where is Di Pietro Partners, PLLC located?

    Our primary location is our Ft. Lauderdale Office, with secondary locations serving Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville.

  • Why should you hire Di Pietro Partners, PLLC?

    Our commitment to our clients and fighting for their case is the number one factor in why our clients hire Di Pietro Partners, PLLC. The results of our work speaks for itself, with the majority of our new clients coming from referrals and word of mouth.

  • What areas of law does Di Pietro Partners, PLLC practice in?

    We specifically focus on representing medical practices, businesses and doctors, as well as those who have suffered as a result of medical errors or medical malpractice. Personal injury, wrongful death, business law and estate planning are also areas of law in which our firm specializes. You can obtain a full list of our legal practice areas here.

Free Consultation

The lawyers at Di Pietro Partners have the necessary legal experience needed to protect your rights. When dealing with legal issues or disputes, no matter how difficult they may be, it is important to seek legal advice and representation from an experienced attorney or lawyer as soon as possible, as the longer you wait to obtain legal representation may directly affect your ability to achieve a successful outcome.

If you have a legal issue related to medical malpractice, probate, healthcare, or any of our other practice areas, contact our office for a free consultation.