Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters were designed to to save a patient’s life by preventing artery blockage in lungs (pulmonary embolism). Unfortunately, these devices carry a significant risk of serious injury or death in patients. In many cases, manufacturers were aware of risks and never warned physicians of the dangers. One IVC device manufacturer involved in litigation is Cordis Corporation. In fact, one type of Cordis IVC Filter was recalled due to mislabeling errors leading to backwards implementation. Other complications include device fracture, filter migration, and death.

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Specific Cordis Filters

Cordis Optease – The Optease IVC Filter is a retrievable Vena Cava Filter that may be removed with surgery. This device was recalled by Cordis in March, 2013 due to labeling errors. In fact, the labeling error caused severe consequences such as the filter being wrongfully implemented backwards in patients. The  incorrect implementation of the filter greatly increased the risk of IVC Filter migration into a patient’s heart.

Cordis Trapease –  In contrast to Optease, the Trapease IVC Filter is a permanent Vena Cava Filter. Unfortunately, these filters are linked to a high failure rate. Complications from IVC Filter failure include: device fracture, filter migration, and other potentially fatal consequences.

Where We Take Cordis IVC Filter Cases

Although the primary office of Di Pietro Partners is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, our law firm works remotely with clients in, and out of state. Therefore, if you or someone you know experienced Cordis IVC Filter complications anywhere in the United States, we can help.

Other Manufacturers and Devices

Several other manufacturers are involved in an IVC Filter Lawsuit resulting from blood clot filter complications and failure. These manufacturers/devices include:

Cook Medical – Devices made by Cook include: Gunther Tulip, Celect, Celect Platinum, and Bird’s Nest.

Bard – Devices by Bard include: Simon Nitinol, Recovery, G2, G2 Express, Eclipse, Meridian, and Denali.

Others – If the device or manufacturer you’re inquiring about is not listed above, you should still contact us as other devices may be subject to litigation.

Cordis IVC Filter Removal

Generally speaking, there are two categories of IVC Filters: permanent, and retrievable. For example, the Cordis Optease filter is retrievable. On the other hand, the Cordis Trapease filter is permanent.  Retrievable filters are designed with a hook located at the end of the device allowing physicians to surgically remove it. Unfortunately, complications can occur from removal including: Blood vessel perforation, damage to the device, and more. If you or a loved one has to undergo Removal Surgery, or suffered injury from the procedure, you should seek legal advice immediately.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

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