For employers, understanding the facets of employment law in Florida is vital to running a business and ensuring it is legally protected. There are a multitude of things an employer has to be aware of in regards to legal paperwork, correct procedural actions and other personnel aspects when running their business. If done incorrectly, this can expose a business to unnecessary legal and financial liabilities that have the potential to cause serious operational difficulties.

Having the assistance of an expert employer defense attorney is vital to ensuring your business is protected from unnecessary liability. At Di Pietro Partners, we specialize in employment law and the legal defense of employers against accusations of wrongdoing and compliance issues. If you are an employer in need of an employment defense lawyer, please contact us today to find out how we can help you protect your business.

Employment Law in Florida

An employment contract sits on a laptop keyboard, waiting to be completedIn Florida, employees are considered “at-will”, which means their employment can be terminated at any time for any reason. However this goes both ways, in that employees can leave their positions at any time without giving notice or reason. While employees are considered “at-will”, it should be noted that there is a possibility terminated employees can be eligible for unemployment benefits, depending on the circumstances surrounding their termination.

The only exception to Florida’s at-will employment law is when there is a signed contract between an employee and an employer. This contract lays out the conditions and terms of employment, including but not limited to the reasons for an employee’s termination or what would be considered justifiable cause for them to leave their job. An employer defense attorney can help in streamlining this process and ensure that the contract is clearly laid out and amicable to all parties involved.

Legal Services for Employers

At Di Pietro Partners, our expert team of employer defense attorneys assists employers in all things surrounding employment law, from litigation and legal defense to non-litigation issues such as the formation of contracts and compliance with legal procedural issues and concerns. Below are some of the primary areas in which we offer our services.

EEOC Charges – From time to time, employers face charges from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). These charges should not be taken lightly, and it is advisable to consult with an attorney before making any statements. We specialize in defending employers from EEOC charges, and work to ensure their business is legally protected.

Employment Contracts – These are common in corporate and enterprise level businesses, and while most provisions are straightforward, there are also things that may need to be added or changed to ensure your particular business is protected. Our team of lawyers will work to ensure that employment contracts are amicable for both parties and also provide protection for the business.

Handbook Drafting – Handbooks provide employees with guidelines as to proper behavior in the workplace, and make it clear what is expected of them. Our employment law experts work with businesses to ensure that handbooks follow legal requirements and guidelines and also make sure they include all provisions necessary for proper legal protection of a business.

Job Description Drafting – This is vital for ensuring employees understand the responsibilities and requirements of their position. While not officially required in Florida, having a job description formulated by an attorney specializing in employer defense can help to ensure an employer is protected in the event that an employee is terminated due to not meeting job expectations.

Non-Compete Agreements – Florida is one of the few states in which non-compete agreements are enforceable. These agreements are often complex and it is vital to have these agreements reviewed by an employment attorney to ensure they are not only enforceable but provide the maximum protection to a business.

Payroll Audits – Improper payroll practices can cost an employer thousands of dollars in legal fees and fines. This is completely avoidable however if a company goes through the process of a payroll audit with an employer defense lawyer. Our team of experts can analyze your payroll to ensure that you are following the correct procedures and have properly classified your employees tax status.

Workplace Training – This is an essential investment in a company’s future, as it ensures employees are educated as to proper behavior at work and what constitutes harassment. This can help to reduce the number of lawsuits from improper employee behavior at work, and is required by law in certain states. We help employers formulate their workplace training to ensure their employees are less likely to create legal liabilities for the business.

Healthcare Employer Counsel – This is a unique area of employment law that requires an employer defense firm that also has expertise in the laws surrounding healthcare employment. Our team of lawyers works extensively with healthcare employers and can assist them in navigating the legal framework of this specialized field.