Florida Litigation & Trial Attorneys

Selecting the right litigation lawyer is a critical first step in the process of business and civil litigation proceedings. These matters can be quite complex, and it is important that the attorney working on your case is experienced in the litigation field. It is also important that the firm you choose is responsive to your needs and concerns, with lawyers who are easy to reach and who take your case seriously.

While large firms may seem appealing due to their apparent wealth of resources and army of attorneys who can work on your case, they often are not the right choice. These firms usually are not able to give the personalized attention required for achieving the best possible outcome for litigation cases. While many larger firms use their team of attorneys as a selling point, there is rarely a litigation case that requires more than a couple of attorneys. In fact, experience has shown that the more attorneys involved in a case, the more challenging the work becomes.

Di Pietro Partners, PLLC was founded by veteran litigation attorney David Di Pietro in order to provide a small firm, personalized hands on approach to litigation with a small group of highly experienced and specialized trial attorneys. Our attorneys are in direct contact with our clients, and work diligently to ensure the best possible outcome for litigation cases. Our track record of success for clients speaks volumes for this law firm model, and we take pride in our hands on small firm approach. If you are in need of a top rate litigation firm in Florida, please contact us today to get started.

Litigation Attorney Practice Areas

There are several primary areas of litigation that we specialize in. These include business litigation, estate litigation and civil litigation. Each of these are quite unique and require a specific understanding in order to have effective legal representation. Our firm has litigation lawyers specializing in each of these areas with years of experience successfully arguing cases in court.

Business Litigation – One of the most contentious and complex areas of litigation is that involving business matters. Typically this will involve disputes between business partners, separate business entities, joint ventures and even between individuals and companies. Business litigation attorneys are employed on both sides of the dispute to represent either party.

These disputes usually result from a misunderstanding regarding terms, agreements and contracts, or include situations where an individual or company is in breach of contract. Also included are non-compete agreement disputes, as well as fraud claims and other matters such as shareholder disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, and interference with contractual relations.

Estate Litigation – Litigation involving estates is a common type of litigation that involves disputes or legal objections over the distribution of assets and inheritance after the decedent has passed. These objections can arise for a multitude of reasons, usually involving improper management of an estate or changes to a plan that others may deem improper or unfair.

Trust Litigation – The most commonly seen types of estate litigation involve matters such as disputes among the beneficiaries of a trust setup for the estate or contested wills. Other matters can include things such as issues between the beneficiaries and the personal representatives or executors tasked with managing the estate, or accusations of wrongdoing or fraud against the estate.

Civil Litigation – This can encompass a wide range of different issues and disputes, but primarily has to do with issues surrounding a family estate, a trust, or even things such as disputed ownership of physical property or intellectual property rights. Other things included under civil litigation include individuals filing suit against a business, such as when someone is injured on company property or by a dangerous or poorly conceived product.

In addition to the stereotypical types of civil litigation, a very common type seen is litigation between a landlord and tenant, or if neighbors are disputing property lines or land usage rights. Sometimes there are suits filed by homeowners associations against a particular individual, or a homeowner filing suit against their HOA.