It is essential to ensure the legitimacy, transparency, and integrity of the electoral process, election administration, candidates and officeholders. At Di Pietro Partners, we use both legal and practical political experience to navigate our clients through Florida’s unique political and legal landscape. At Di Pietro Partners, we are available to represent local, state, and federal candidates, elected officials, and campaign staffs across the state. We are also available to represent political action committees, nonprofit entities (501 (c) 4s), other political organizations and ballot initiative groups, among others, in matters involving the following issues:
  • Election/Political Law
  • Incorporating and managing political action committees
  • Election contests/recounts
  • Legal issues in political advertising
  • Campaign finance compliance and reporting
  • Ballot eligibility issues
  • Ballot initiatives/referendum

Di Pietro Partners is available to consult with clients from the inception of a campaign or initiative in order to discuss the legal issues and guidelines around which a campaign’s actions must be tailored in order to avoid costly mistakes with legal ramifications.