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florida estate planningEstate planning is not only for the wealthy, it is important for everyone who is concerned about where their assets will end up upon their demise. If your estate is small, you may simply focus on who will receive your assets after your death, and who should manage your estate, pay your last debts and handle the distribution of your assets. If your estate is large, your lawyer will also discuss various ways of preserving your assets for your beneficiaries and of reducing or postponing the amount of estate tax which otherwise might be payable after your death. Wouldn’t you like to have the peace of mind of knowing your spouse, home, life savings and family, as well as your legacy, are protected?

The estate planning attorneys Di Pietro Partners can help ensure peace of mind, financial security, and a comfortable future. If you or someone you know needs help with estate planning in Florida, call our offices for a free consultation

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Trust Lawyerstrust lawyers

Some people use trusts to provide for the distribution of their assets at death, or during life. A properly written trust can help avoid issues in probate court. In fact, it’s highly beneficial to draft a will in addition to setting up a trust

Lawyers for trust disputes – Di Pietro Partners is experienced in the representation of trustees, beneficiaries, or others, who may challenge a trust.

Gun Trusts

Our Gun Trusts are designed specifically for your firearms. You, as Grantor (the person who creates the trust), are given the power to add or remove trustees.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney delegates authority from one individual to another. Specifically, this document grants the right to make decisions on a person’s behalf as their acting agent. A power of attorney can make this authority specific or broad depending on the language used in the document. As a result, there are many legal aspects and questions regarding this document.

Florida Elder Law Attorneys

The U.S has a historically high number of senior citizens. This rapidly aging population known as “baby boomers,” present unique challenges for loved ones. Challenges include: guardianships, estate planning, and more. These issues are especially relevant in Florida, as the State has a high number of retirees.

As experienced elder law and estate planning attorneys in Florida, Di Pietro Partners will help ensure you and/or your loved ones receive proper care.

Other Aspects of Estate Planning

The lawyers at Di Pietro Partners handle a wide variety of estate planning matters. Other aspects we can help with include:

  • Basic will drafting

  • Last Will and Testament

  • Pourover Will

  • Living Trusts

  • AB trusts

  • QTIP trusts

  • Estate tax law

  • Gift taxes

More on Florida Estate Planningestate planning

The law provides that at the exact time of death, all the property of the decedent is automatically and immediately transferred to a legal entity referred to as the “decedent’s estate”. This estate can own property in any jurisdiction, domestic or international, state or federal, and the property itself can be of any variety. Real estate, checking accounts, savings accounts, all forms of investment including stocks and other securities, life insurance policies and personal property, such as cars, furniture, and clothing, can be part of the estate.

Estate planning prepares for more than financial and property matters: it allows for decision-making in advance on the type of medical care someone wants to receive should they become incapacitated and unable to decide for themselves. It also allows for pre-planning (and pre-payment) of your funeral arrangements and their related expenses.

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