Handshake between a healthcare lawyer and a doctor over a desk with a clipboardThe sale of a medical practice or healthcare business is a complex process with many legal aspects. For example, there are specific types of contracts required for these transactions. These contracts may include: purchase agreements, lease agreements for offices, employment contracts for the medical staff, etc.

Additionally, certain state and federal regulations exist such as licensing for medical facilities (particularly surgical centers). As a result, obtaining legal counsel to oversee the purchase or sale of a medical practice is a critical step in this process.

One unique aspect of our law firm is that we have a vast amount of legal experience in both business law and healthcare. In other words, we have the necessary expertise to properly assist clients with the purchase or sale of a private medical practice or healthcare business in Florida. Learn more about how our attorneys assist healthcare clients below or contact us for a free consultation.

Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

The legal side involved in the sale of a business is a specialized area of law known as mergers and acquisitions. When the business involves healthcare, there are more extensive legal requirements. This includes compliance with federal and state laws. Florida has its own set of regulations specific to medical offices, surgical practices, and other health providers. As a result, further legal specialties are necessary for proper guidance in healthcare mergers and acquisitions transactions.

Di Pietro Partners has the necessary experience to assist clients with the sale or acquisition of a healthcare practice in Florida. This includes the purchase of a medical office or other health service providers (i.e. a home healthcare business).

How Lawyers Help With Buying a Medical Practice

Example of a document used to purchase a business in Florida. The document is titled business bill of sale purchase agreementBelow is a list of several ways our law firm assists clients in this sector:

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating purchase agreements
  • Assisting with the sale of a healthcare business (i.e. buying a home health care business)
  • Drafting and reviewing lease agreements for medical offices
  • Writing employment contracts for physicians and other staff
  • Licensing for surgical centers and other healthcare practices
  • Ensuring physician compliance with Medicare statutes for billing purposes
  • Compliance with modern pricing transparency laws
  • Ensuring legal compliance on healthcare practice websites
  • Legal compliance with laws related to medical billing
  • Matters related to billing and insurance

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The law firm of Di Pietro Partners is located in Fort Lauderdale. The healthcare side of our legal practice is focused in the surrounding cities of Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Miami-Dade.

If you’re a physician, private medical practice, healthcare business, or any other type of healthcare provider, we can assist with the legal side of your practice. This includes buying a medical practice, starting a new healthcare business, and more. Call our offices for a free consultation today.