For those who suffer extreme joint pain or a limited range of shoulder motion, a popular corrective solution is shoulder replacement surgery. Those with debilitating shoulder injuries that cannot be treated by more conservative methods often turn to the use of a shoulder replacement device for relief, based upon promises of increased function and minimized pain. However, when patients are implanted with a faulty replacement device, it can result in exacerbated pain, rising medical expenses, and the need for corrective surgery. Recently, replacement devices have been alleged to cause additional injuries in patients, including significant bone loss, instability, weakness, and unexplained pain.

Undergoing revision surgery because of a faulty shoulder replacement device is burdensome for both doctors and patients, who must now face the task of addressing additional complications brought on by the faulty device. At Di Pietro Partners, our lawyers fight for those who have fallen victim to a flawed shoulder replacement device that has caused additional injury, or necessitated corrective surgery.

Faulty Replacement Devices

Patients and doctors note that defectively designed shoulder replacement products have led to the devices failing soon after being implanted, rather than the corrective solution to shoulder pain that is advertised. In certain cases, the metal-on-metal design of some replacement devices has led to metal poisoning, bone and tissue damage, and implantation failure. Ineffectual surgical reconstruction of a joint or body part can manifest in many ways, including:

  • Metal toxicity released into body
  • Bone and tissue damage
  • Component erosion
  • Dislocation or insecurity of replacement device due to faulty design

Correcting the damage of a poorly designed replacement device may require revision surgery and additional treatment, as well as removing the implant altogether.

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The use of replacement devices to remedy painful shoulder symptoms was popularized following manufacturers’ promise of comfort, mobility, and simplicity. However, the implantation of a faulty replacement device can result in worsened injury that leaves the patient with debilitating pain and costly medical bills for years to come. At Di Pietro Partners, our attorneys believe that the compounded pain and suffering that patients must undergo to correct post-surgical injuries caused by badly designed implants is inexcusable.

If you have experienced exaggerated shoulder pain or limited mobility following the implantation of a shoulder replacement device, our legal team may be able to help you file a shoulder replacement lawsuit and fight for damages from the manufacturer. Don’t hesitate to contact us (800) 712-8462 to discuss your case.