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A severe burn causes tremendous pain and suffering. Patients expect hospitals and medical professionals to properly treat burn injuries. Improper treatment leads to more agony and possible disfigurement. In addition to mistreatment of burn victims, there are negligence cases where patients are burned during routine procedures. No one expects to be burned by a medical professional. This horrific act is labeled as a “Never Event.” The designation speaks for itself. This should NEVER happen. For this reason, if you or a loved one experienced a burn injury during a medical procedure contact a medical malpractice attorney immediately.

Common Types of Burn Injuries

Patients should never experience burns during a medical procedure. Some examples of burn injuries include:

  • MRI machine burn injuries – If a patient comes in contact with a sensitive part of the MRI scanner there may be burned skin or tissue damage. If the machine is damaged, or the operator is negligent, this may also cause burns. People have received second degree burns from these machines. A second degree burn is painful and may leave permanent scars. If this occurs, depending on the circumstances, the patient may be eligible to file a MRI burns lawsuit.
  • Laser eye surgery – Some patients should not have this procedure. Surgeons must carefully screen patients before operating with the laser. If there is significant infection and pain after the procedure, there may be a laser type burn involved.
  • Chemical burns – Patients are exposed to various chemicals during a hospital stay. Some of these chemicals may burn your skin, eyes, or respiratory system. In fact, before surgery skin is wiped down with chemicals. The surgical candidate should NOT be burned by this preparation.
  • Electrical burns – Any outdated equipment may have exposed electrical wires that may burn a patient. That is inexcusable.
  • Hypothermia blankets – Patients recovering from serious surgery may be put under these blankets to keep warm. Of course, the patient must be monitored very closely. Unfortunately, people have received serious burns from these blankets.
  • Surgical fires in the operating room – An operating room has all elements required for a fire. So, surgical staff must take every precaution to protect patients from this catastrophe.

Medical Burn Negligence Claim

Medical Malpractice Attorneys are familiar with the four elements you must prove to win a negligence claim. The first is standard of care. Your attorney will show how the medical professional, clinic, or hospital failed to follow the expected standard of care. Considering you were burned, the ocular evidence indicates you received inadequate care.

The second element shows how the standard of care was breached. This is where your attorney and medical experts provide examples of your injuries and what caused them. The third element of the case is to show that the medical professional, or hospital was “more likely than not” the cause of your injuries. Finally, the plaintiff (you) must show evidence of your injuries and all your pain and suffering. This fourth element may be extensive if your injuries are severe and your life is forever impacted.

Medical Burn Case Settlements

The amount of any medical malpractice case depends on various factors. First of all, the severity of your injury impacts the settlement amount. If your injury is severe and will affect the rest of your life, the settlement amount is high. Of course, no patient should be burned during any procedure. So, you may seek monetary damages for scars, pain and suffering, and emotional shock. For this reason, it’s important to seek legal advice if you suffer a burn injury.

Medical Burn Injury Attorneys

Florida Malpractice Laws hold medical professionals accountable for negligence. Getting burned while receiving treatment is an example of negligence. Receiving improper care for an existing, painful burn is negligence. An experienced attorney knows how to navigate medical malpractice cases. So, if you, or a loved one has received improper treatment for burns, or, if you have been burned while under a medical professional’s care, contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

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