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Estate planning in Florida is a challenging but important process, especially for individuals with a high-net-worth. Not only are there a number of unique nuances surrounding estate planning, it is regulated by an often complicated set of laws and regulations that are difficult to navigate. In addition to this, these laws and regulations are constantly…

Florida Estate Planning Documents Estate planning is necessary for anyone who owns any amount of property that they wish to pass down to someone else. This is also necessary to prepare for emergency situations such as sudden illness or incapacity. It’s a common misconception that estate planning is only necessary for elderly or wealthy individuals….

What You Need To Know About a Special Needs Trust If you’re providing care for an adult or child with special needs, it’s frightening to imagine what would happen if you were to suddenly become unable to provide care. Luckily with proper estate planning, necessary provisions can be implemented in order to continue providing care…

The “Sunshine State” is one of the most ideal areas for people to retire and enjoy living the remainder of their lives. Apart from 365 days of warm weather and sunshine every year, Florida is one of the most tax friendly states in the U.S. The State of Florida has many legal tools available that…

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