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The State of Florida has some of the most complex medical and healthcare laws in the country, which most individuals find challenging to navigate. It therefore shouldn’t be surprising that the state has a large number of medical malpractice attorneys. If an individual suffers an injury as a direct result of a medical professional’s negligence, there is a limited amount of time to file a claim and receive compensation.

After conducting this detailed analysis of the top medical malpractice law firms in Fort Lauderdale and the South Florida area, Di Pietro Partners was selected as one of the best local firms specializing in medical malpractice, earning a 5 Star Rating for both reputation and professionalism.

With a solid reputation as one of the best medical malpractice law firms in Florida, Di Pietro Partners specializes in both healthcare law and medical malpractice, earning multiple awards for their outstanding performance.

According to the founder and managing partner David Di Pietro, “over 10 years ago I envisioned building a firm focused on quality legal representation, believing the financial success of the firm would follow.”

Clients have benefited from Di Pietro Partners business and employment law experience, in addition to the well-rounded variety of legal services they offer, such as assisting with contractual, licensing, wage and business matters on both sides of medical malpractice cases. It shouldn’t be surprising that the firm has been one of the top malpractice firms in South Florida.

Di Pietro Partners specializes in legal matters related to healthcare law and medical malpractice with extensive experience in this area of law, representing clients in medical malpractice cases in both federal and state court. The firm also specializes in a number of other practice areas including probate and trust cases, medical malpractice defense, and other matters related to general litigation.


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