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Meal kits for lunches and snacks have been a long time popular option for busy parents and those on the go. However, controversy has recently emerged surrounding Lunchables, one of the most popular meal kit brands. Consumer Reports has tested numerous kits and found high levels of lead, cadmium and other heavy metal contaminants, raising serious health and safety concerns. This has resulted in not only a petition to have Lunchables removed from the national school lunch program, but also a class action lawsuit being filed against Kraft Heinz for deceptive advertising practices. Specifically, the suit claims that these meal kits are contaminated with levels of heavy metals that no reasonable parent would want their children to to consume.

With experience both as a former prosecutor and as an attorney handling class action lawsuits, David Di Pietro was brought onto Newsmax’s National Report to provide his expertise and insight into this legal matter. According to David, the suit has no grounds for multiple reasons. One of the first things David noted was that unlike other class action suits surrounding the food industry, there are no recorded injuries from consuming these Lunchables meal kits. He also mentioned that the sample size of 12 kits was too small to be considered statistically significant. Additionally, he also mentioned that there has been no government regulatory action to remove these kits from shelves and lunchrooms, indicating that these claims are likely blown out of proportion.

David is a regular contributor to Newsmax due to his position as a subject matter expert on litigation and class action lawsuits throughout the United States.

David has been a practicing probate and trust lawyer for over a decade. Throughout this time, he’s represented client’s through various complex issues involving the probate court system. This includes estate administration, trust litigation, contested wills, and more. He regularly appears on national TV to provide his expertise on well known legal matters such as the Brittany Spears conservatorship case. David is an experienced and aggressive trial attorney that has tried over fifty (50) jury trials and numerous bench trials. David is also a member of the Trial Lawyers and Health Law Sections of the Florida Bar.

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