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The investigation of Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in pressuring Ukrainian officials has come to an end. This comes over a year after his office and apartment were searched by the FBI, based on concerns that he had violated foreign lobbying laws by operating on behalf of Ukrainian officials when he sought the ouster of then US ambassador to the Ukraine. Giuliani claimed that he operated within his capacity as an attorney for former President Trump and that he never represented a Ukrainian national or official before the US Government.

David Di Pietro was brought on to Newsmax TV’s National Report show to discuss the merits of this case and offer insights into how this will play out long term. He explained that this case did not have any merit to begin with, and that there is no doubt that Giuliani is in the clear legally. However he expressed serious concern regarding the issues surrounding attorney-client privilege, noting how the Justice Department went through communications normally covered under attorney client privilege. He indicated that this unprecedented move may force future communications between attorneys and their clients to be done face to face instead of through traditional electronic communications in order to protect their interests.

David was chosen by Newsmax as a subject matter expert due to his extensive experience regarding government investigations and the legalities surrounding political office.

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