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Last Updated: August 9, 2021

DME License in Florida

The durable medical equipment (DME) business brings in $169 billion in global annual revenue, with a predicted annual growth rate of approximately 6.1% per year. Florida’s DME business has been strong for decades, owing to the sunshine state’s expansive medical center networks and a large customer base. Not surprisingly, there are many who are interested in starting their own DME business to capitalize on these opportunities. However, there are several things a business owner must do first in order to legally operate their DME business in Florida.

Definitions and Criteria

The State of Florida requires any business or individual engaged in the sale or distribution of durable medical equipment in and out of Florida to hold a HME (Home Medical Equipment) License. This is defined by Florida Statute 400.93 as:

“(1) Any person or entity that holds itself out to the public as providing home medical equipment and services or accepts physician orders for home medical equipment and services is subject to licensure under this part.”

What is defined as durable medical equipment depends on a general set of criteria. According to, DME is defined as meeting the following:

  • Durable (can withstand repeated use)
  • Used for a medical reason
  • Not usually useful to someone who isn’t sick or injured
  • Used in your home
  • Generally has an expected lifetime of at least 3 years

This definition covers a wide range of devices, including but not limited to items such as: crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, commode chairs and hospital beds. As a general rule of thumb, if a device is used repeatedly in someone’s home for medical reasons, it’s likely to be considered a DME.

Licensing and Locations

A physicians stethoscope on top of a form that's titled healthcare licensing application homes for special servicesIn order to begin the licensing process for a DME business in Florida, a business or individual must complete and submit the Home Medical Equipment Application Form, which contains the majority of the information required by Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA). This application is very in-depth and it is vital that the information is entered as accurately and completely as possible.  It is important to be aware that Florida requires each individual location to be licensed, regardless of whether they are all owned by the same person or parent corporation.

Depending on the structure and setup of the DME business, there are other forms and information required during the application or renewal process. AHCA provides an application checklist giving you an idea of what is required however it is still difficult for most businesses to navigate this process, especially when they are starting out. Because of this, it is strongly recommended to contact an experienced Florida healthcare licensing attorney. These lawyers will work together with a business or individual to ensure that paperwork and required proof is submitted correctly the first time, eliminating any potential headaches and hassles in the application process.

Durable Medical Equipment Licensing Forms

There are many necessary forms for DME business licensing in the State of Florida. These forms are available on the Agency For Healthcare Administration’s Website under their Health Quality Assurance Licensure Forms. It can be confusing to find these forms on their website so for your convenience, we’ve simplified this by listing the necessary forms below with download links.

Health Care Licensing Application Home Medical Equipment Provider
This form is officially called the AHCA Form 3110-1005, which is the main form submitted during the application process. This form will be submitted every time a business is looking to attain or renew their DME license in Florida.
AHCA Form 3110-1005 Download

Application Checklist Home Medical Equipment Provider
This is simply a checklist for those self-applying for a DME license in Florida. Please keep in mind that this checklist is a general guideline and there may be additional requirements for certain individuals and businesses.
AHCA Form 3110-1005CL Download

Health Care Licensing Application Addendum
This form is used when a DME license is owned by multiple individuals or entities. It provides detailed information on all owners and requires SSNs.
AHCA Form 3110-1024 Download

Attestation of Compliance with Background Screening Requirements
This form is required by AHCA for compliance with Florida healthcare laws and regulations. It ensures employees pass level 2 background checks.
AHCA Form 3100-0008 Download

Home Medical Equipment Provider Request to Amend License for Change of Name And/Or Address
This form is used when there is a change of address or name of the license owner. It should be noted that there are multiple proof of compliance forms that must be to be submitted additionally.
AHCA Form 3110-1020 Download

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