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David Di Pietro – IVF Lawsuit – Fox Interview – 11/11/21 from Di Pietro Partners on Vimeo.

Medical malpractice and personal injury attorney David Di Pietro reappeared in an interview with Fox News to discuss the recent case in California involving two couples who mistakenly had their embryos switched by a fertility clinic performing in-vitro-fertility treatments. This has raised multiple questions, specifically concerning how this mixup was even possible in the first place, as well as how this case would be legally classified. In the interview, David explains that this was an obvious result of not following policies and procedures or possibly not having them in the first place. In regards to the classification of the case, David makes it very clear that this is a cut and dry classic malpractice case, and that there is practically no defense in this situation for the clinic. He states that this clinic is likely going to go out of business due to the tremendous amount of negative publicity their mistake has caused.

David was requested to appear on LiveNOW from Fox due to his qualifications and expertise in representing both doctors and patients in medical malpractice cases.

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