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Last Updated: August 9, 2021

Healthcare law is a legal practice area involving the medical field. This includes licensing and regulations for physicians, healthcare workers, private medical practices, and other businesses operating in this sector. There are several important forms and resources for healthcare providers licensed in the State of Florida.

This page provides information, links, and PDF examples for some of these important resources. Please note, if you have a legal issue involving licensing, regulations, or litigation, it’s advised to consult with an attorney for healthcare law.

Example of a Florida medical doctor licensure application from the Florida Board of MedicineMedical Doctor Licensure Application
The Medical Doctor Licensing Application is administered through the Florida Board of Medicine and required to practice medicine in the State of Florida
Medical Doctor Licensure PDF

Medical Degree Verification Form
The Medical Degree Verification form ensures you’ve completed the educational requirements in order to be approved to practice medicine. This form will need to be submitted along with the application to be licensed as a Medical Doctor.
Medical Degree Verification PDF

Office Surgery Registration and Inspection
This application is for allopathic and osteopathic physicians performing surgery in an office setting. These medical practices are required to register and undergo an inspection by the Florida Department of Health (DOH). The application below is from the DOH Licensing and Regulation Office Surgery Registration.
Office Surgery Registration/Inspection PDF

Department of Health Background Screening
Florida healthcare workers are required to undergo a background screening which generally consists of fingerprinting.
DOH Background Screening

ACHA Background Screening
The Background Screening Unit processes screening results for health care providers in Florida currently licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration (ACHA). This article provides more information on the AHCA background screening process. You can also find a link to the official website for the Agency for Health Care Administration below.
ACHA Background Screening

Pain Management Clinic Requirements
There are specific requirements for opening a pain management clinic regulated through the Florida DOH. You can find more information on these requirements within the link below.
DOH Pain Management Clinic Requirements

Pain Management Clinic Registration
If a pain management clinic meets the specific requirements outlined by the DOH, you’re eligible to submit an application through their department. Below is a link to this application.
Application To Register Pain Management Clinic

Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine
The Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine regulates the licensing of Chiropractors as well as other regulatory aspects associated with Chiropractic Medicine within the State. Here’s a link to their website below.
Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic Physician Licensing
The licensing of Chiropractors in the State of Florida is handled through the Board of Chiropractic Medicine. Here’s a link to their section on licensing below.
Chiropractic Physician Licensing PDF

Florida Medical License Lookup
The Board of Medicine has a portal where you can look up a physician or other medical practitioners license online. Here’s a link to this resource below.
Florida Medical License Search

Florida Department of Health Investigations and Complaints
The Department of Health investigates complaints and reports involving health care practitioners regulated by the department and enforces appropriate Florida Statutes. You can find more information on their website below.
DOH Investigations and Complaints

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