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As two of the highest profile trials in the United States progress, the path that these cases will likely take is becoming increasingly clear. During a recent interview on Newsmax’s American Agenda, expert trial attorney David Di Pietro was brought on along with constitutional law attorney Randy Zelin to discuss the two cases. In regards to the Smollett case, David made it clear that the case will lean heavily on the side of the prosecution, with a likely guilty verdict in the near future. Mr. Zelin brought up the possibility of jury nullification resulting in a mistrial, to which David agreed was a possibility although it was unlikely due to the fact that the jury as it has been selected is heavily weighed on the side of the prosecution.

Additionally, the Ghislaine Maxwell case was brought up, with both Randy and David agreeing that there is little to discuss legally speaking in the case as it is quite clear cut. David mentions that this can be considered another slam dunk for the prosecution, similar to the Smollett trial. He mentions that this is especially true due to the fact that there are multiple victims involved, as well as the pilot of Epstein’s aircraft testifying as to the events that occurred.

David Di Pietro was brought on Newsmax to discuss these cases due to his expertise in courtroom trial proceedings as well as his experience as a former prosecutor.

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