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David Di Pietro was asked to appear for an interview on Fox News live now broadcast with Daytona Everett. During the course of this interview, David was asked to provide his legal opinion regarding the recent tragedy involving a 14 year old teen Tyre Sampson falling to his death on an amusement park ride in March of this year. The incident occurred at ICON Park in the heart of Orlando, Florida.

When asked about the liability of the ride operators and amusement park owners for the incident, David indicated that every party from the manufacturer to the ride operator and the park itself could potentially be liable in a lawsuit. He also stated that the individual responsible for modifying the restraint system and safety switches could face criminal charges in addition to civil litigation.

In addition to discussing the amusement park’s liability in a wrongful death lawsuit, David discussed the park’s uncertain future and whether or not it would continue to stay open as regulatory agencies become involved. You can learn more about this news story and watch the full interview below:

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