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The trial involving false accusations by former Empire star Jussie Smollett has begun this week, three years after the event took place. Constitutional law attorney David Di Pietro was brought onto John Bachman Now to discuss the trial and address the question as to why it had taken so long for it to finally occur. David explained that while excuses were made regarding courtroom closures and delays due to COVID, in reality the case was delayed most likely due to Mr. Smollett’s celebrity status. According to David, the initial dropping of charges and subsequent appointing of a special prosecutor to handle the case only highlights this special treatment and status given to Smollett. It was made clear that had this offense been committed by any other person, the charges would have been filed properly and the trial brought forth in a timely manner.

David was requested to appear on Newsmax due to his qualifications and experience in constitutional law and courtroom trial proceedings.

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