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As one of the most contentious and controversial matters in American history and domestic politics, abortion has once again come to the forefront with the recent reversal of Roe vs. Wade last Friday, June 24th. There has been a significant amount of confusion and concerns regarding what this means at the individual state level, including whether or not abortion bans will be enforced, as well as if juries will even convict those who are charged and prosecuted under state abortion laws.

Healthcare law attorney David Di Pietro was brought on CNBC news with Shepherd Smith to discuss the implications of this at the state level and what to expect regarding any changes going forward. David explained how the court justified their decision through examples of other reversals of cases in the past such as Plessy v. Ferguson. He also explained how local authorities now have far more importance and power in regulating abortion laws going forward, which will bring more focus to state and local elections than have happened in the past.

David was requested to appear on CNBC due to his qualifications and expertise in representing clients in constitutional law and healthcare cases.

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