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Last Updated: February 8, 2024

Attorney David Di Pietro appeared on NewsMax TV to discuss a case involving a lawsuit alleging that H&R Block, Meta, and Google illegally coordinated to use spyware to collect and share sensitive taxpayer financial information without the taxpayers’ consent.

David is a former Broward County prosecutor and experienced trial litigation attorney. Continue reading to learn about this case and what type of outcome to expect.

Case Details

The lawsuit claims that H&R Block misled consumers with vague language in their agreements with Meta and Google, allowing these companies to conspire to mislead consumers about the types of information that could be accessed. The information discussed includes highly sensitive data such as gross income, dependents, and contributions to nonprofits, which are used to target individuals for advertising, constituting a severe invasion of privacy. The lawsuit is seen as strong, especially considering that the information shared is statutorily protected, and many states have stringent privacy laws.

Google has responded, stating that site owners, not Google, control the information they collect and must inform users of its usage. Google also maintains strict policies against advertising based on sensitive information. The defense for these companies may argue that the information was collected in a conglomerate way for general analytics, not targeting specific individuals, and that users agreed to the terms and conditions, albeit possibly without reading them due to their length and complexity.

The discussion concludes with the opinion that if it can be proven that these companies disseminated financial and IRS information without authorization, the plaintiffs are likely to prevail.

About Attorney David Di Pietro

Attorney David Di Pietro is a prominent figure in the Florida legal landscape, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a commendable track record. As a seasoned trial lawyer, David has showcased his legal prowess in over 50 jury trials, not to mention the numerous bench trials where he has successfully represented his clients.

His expertise is not confined to the courtroom alone; he is the driving force behind Di Pietro Partners, a reputable Fort Lauderdale-based legal firm. Under his leadership, the firm has witnessed significant growth and has set high standards for legal practice in the region. Furthermore, David’s insights and knowledge in the legal domain are highly sought after, as evidenced by his frequent appearances on various news networks.

Whether he’s providing legal consulting on high-profile cases or offering expert commentary on pressing legal matters, David Di Pietro stands out as an authoritative voice in the field.

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