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The termination of former Ft. Lauderdale police chief Larry Scirotto has resulted in a multi-million dollar wrongful termination lawsuit against the city. The city alleged that Scirotto had discriminated in the hiring and promotion of staff within the police department, and even went as far as hiring an outside investigator to support their claims. Mr. Scirotto however believes that these allegations are simply untrue and he is seeking to set the record straight and preserve his reputation.

Employment law attorney Nicole Martell has been brought on to represent Mr. Scirotto in this process and help clear his name. During her interview with NBC Channel 6, Martell explained that Scirotto has faced baseless allegations that have severely damaged his reputation. While the city alleges that his policies as police chief created a divisive work environment that used race, sexual orientation and gender as attributes to be considered for promotions, Martell explained that the policies he implemented were designed to do the opposite. In fact, as part of the lawsuit it is specifically stated that the city was undeniably aware of the plaintiffs hiring and promotion practices before the EEOC complaint was filed. Ultimately, the lawsuit seeks to reinstate Scirotto’s employment with the city in the same or equivalent position he held prior to his termination as well as to declare the city’s conduct to be in violation of his rights under Title VI.

Nicole Martell was brought onto NBC Channel 6 not only because she is the plaintiffs attorney but because of her expertise in employment law cases in Florida.

Here’s a link to the full video and news story below.

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