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While security at courthouses is usually regarded as top notch, every once in a while mistakes are made. In the case of Libia Vargas De Dinas, she was the unfortunate victim of one of these mistakes when the 72 year old janitor was accidently locked in a holding cell of the Orange County Courthouse where she worked. Concerns were raised due to the fact that she was stuck in the cell for the entire weekend and didn’t have access to her medication she required due to her being diabetic. A $50,000 lawsuit has been filed against the security company hired to manage security on site.

Negligence law attorney David Di Pietro was brought on Newsmax’s National Report with attorney Bruce DelValle to discuss the details of the case and whether or not it looked like it would be successful. David explained that it was the responsibility of Allied Universal Security to ensure that the facility was safe and secure, and that they are required to keep a log of individuals entering and leaving the courthouse. Bruce argued that security of the overall facility was the responsibility of the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept, not the security company who is simply there to check individuals at the entryways. David explained that while the sheriff’s office could be potentially sued for this, it will take a minimum of 6 months time for them to investigate before a lawsuit can be filed.

David was requested to appear on Newsmax due to his qualifications and expertise representing clients in negligence and personal injury cases.

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