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Last Updated: August 9, 2021

Attorney David Di Pietro appeared on Fox News to discuss various legal issues involving mail-in voting during the 2020 election. Specifically, legal aspects surrounding Republican sponsored ballot boxes in California. These ballot boxes have been the subject of controversy as they are not official government entities. The California GOP and California’s State Government have disputed with one another on whether or not these ballot boxes can be used for voting in the 2020 election. Ultimately, the two parties agreed on a compromise and the State of California dropped legal threats against the GOP.

David was asked to appear on Fox News to provide his legal analysis as an expert on Election Law. You can access the full story and listen to David’s analysis on the link below.

Link To Full Story

  • Video Transcript

    “About 15 days before the election, and more than 22 million American’s have already voted as more States prepare to open early voting locations next week. The focus now turning to election fraud, as law makers push for a bi-partition bill designed to improve the security of early voting systems. And in one state, the focus is on ballot boxes. The Senior Correspondent Eric Shawn, live for us in New York with more on this, and Eric, what can tell us about this exactly?”

    Eric Shawn: “Yeah, good morning Trace, well in California you can vote now in a Republican sponsored ballot box. Turns out the state GOP put out its own boxes on the streets in some Republican areas. But State election officials said ‘that was illegal’. Well now they have struck a compromise. The boxes are intended to help voters cast their ballots, but they’re not official government sponsored boxes. Last week the State issued a cease and desist order against them. The California GOP though, would not budge, and insisted that they are legal under the state’s controversial ballot harvesting law. Now, they can stay, if the GOP follows several safeguards. For example, a volunteer has to man the box because of the ballot harvesting law in that State, a voter has to hand their vote over to a real live person, not a steel box. And the votes have to be turned in, by law, within 3 days. President Trump has criticized ballot harvesting, but supports say the practice can make voting easier for some. State’s like Florida were ballot harvesting is allowed in certain cases, experts say it has been a success.”

    David Di Pietro: “There’s been no wide spread fraud when we have our recounts, they come in very close to the actual numbers, there hasn’t been any disparities, so it’s crazy to say that Florida is this gold standard for elections”

    Eric Shawn: “Well the bill now in Congress would ban ballot harvesting across the country. Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, and Illinois Republican Rodney Davis, well they’ve teamed up, to sponsor what’s called “The Election Fraud Prevention Act”.

    “State’s like California, there are no assurances, there’s a complete lack of transparency, and a complete lack of chain custody that would be followed for that ballot to go to a ballot broker, that you don’t even know. You don’t know if they’re putting a ballot in a box in their car, when they’re turning it in, and that causes concern for me.”

    Eric Shawn: “Well, as of this morning, there’s no word yet on how many people may have used the State Republican ballot boxes that are now in the streets of California”

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